Isaac's First Pictures

Isaac Critchley was born on the 5th July 2000.
He weighed 10 pounds 5 ounces.

  1. [PIC00001]Isaac on his feeding cushion 54k
  2. [PIC00002]Isaac closer up. 48k
  3. [PIC00003]Isaac is a bit red still in this one. 47k
  4. [PIC00004]Say Cheese! 59k
  5. [PIC00005]Isaac looks at his big brother Joshua... 58k
  6. [PIC00006]Joshua looks at his little brother Isaac. 58k
  7. [PIC00007]Kathy teaches Isaac to say Oooh! 44k
  8. [PIC00008]Kathy & Isaac again. 48k
  9. [PIC00009]John & Joshua. 54k
  10. [PIC00010]John & Isaac. 55k
  11. [PIC00011]John & Isaac, only John is grinning this time. 58k