John S. R. Critchley (BSc, MSc)


Date of birth 28th December 1968


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science with Physics, KCL 1991

Master of Science, Cranfield Institute of Technology, 1992

Technical skills in order of expertise



Transact SQL, Sybase ASE, MySQL,

Oracle Database server,

Javascript (ECMAScript),

Subversion revision control system,

Juniper/ScreenOS firewalls,

XML including Xpath,


Informatica PowerMart/PowerCentre (ETL),



Twenty years of experience in UNIX.

Seventeen years experience in Sybase.

Twelve years experience in Perl.

Five years experience in Oracle.

Analysing and rectifying faults at remote sites by guiding user by telephone; working to SLAs.

ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

Good working knowledge of: Transact SQL, Perl, UNIX shell programming, C/C++, JIL, ScreenOS; familiarity with Javascript Pascal / Modula-II, Prolog, Lex/Yacc, Erlang; network protocols including multicast, TCP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP/1.1.

Work Experience

December 2018 – present

Owner – Critchley Consulting Ltd – Bristol, UK, contracting:

December 2018 – October 2019

Senior Support Analyst – trueEX LLC/trueDigital Holsings LLC – London/New York

Supplying same services as previous role on a contract basis

November 2017 – August 2018

Senior Support Analyst – trueEX LLC – London, UK/New York, USA

Pro-actively monitor the trading platform, manage outages, and quickly recover lost or marginalized services

Help develop and maintain tools & shell and Python scripts to cater to business needs

Generate business and technical reports & graphs

Automate and perform platform deployments and upgrades

Troubleshoot problems, perform root-cause analysis, and follow issues through to full resolution

April 2010 – August 2014

Support Analyst - UBS - Application Support - Zürich, Switzerland (contract)

Application Support Team

Supporting trading platform applications for FX (Spot, forward and swaps). Applications in Java, with Sybase and some Oracle databases. Initially supporting all UAT front to back systems, then transferred to derivatives trading support in production.

Updating monitoring scripts and control scripts written in Perl (almost all startup controlled by suite of perl scripts).

Splitting Subversion repository so Swiss specific client data segregated.

Configuration and deployment of SSL keys.

May 2008 – April 2010

Support Analyst - FXAll - Application Support - London, UK (perm)

Application Support Team

Supporting applications which allow client to obtain quotes from and trade with multiple FX providers (Spot, forward and swaps). Applications in Java, with Oracle databases.

Diagnose and problems, keeping relevant parties informed of status, escalating when needed; monitoring and revising SLAs.

Writing monitoring and reporting, graphing tools in Perl; reporting tools using Oracle databases for source and Mysql for saving/processing trend data, in Perl; wrote FIX diagnostic tools in Perl.

September 2006 – December 2007 (perm)

Engineering lead associate - UBS – IT Infrastructure London, UK

Firewall Engineering, Product Management & Engineering

Extending and maintaining tools to configure and monitor Netscreen firewalls, all using Perl and Perl web front end.

Investigating issues with configurations and liaising with vendor.

Analysis of new devices from vendor.

Management of open issues with vendor.

Informing Service Delivery of status of open issues they have raised.

February 2005 – August 2006 (contract- perm)

Senior Support Analyst - UBS - Investment Bank – Zürich, Switzerland

IT Equities Trading, Global Services Delivery team

Supporting trading platform, its real time market feeds, its broker feeds in and out (including FIX links).

Analysing status of trades in database. Analysing performance issues; including developing Perl scripts to monitor latency in various parts of the system, and producing representations of system performance graphically.

Ensuring stability of environment by ensuring testing process had been followed before releasing new components into production environment and maintaining the ‘prodtest’ environment.

April 2003 – March 2004 (Contract)

Support Analyst - UBS – European Wealth Management – London, UK

Environment support

Supporting the nightly feeds into the European Wealth Management systems – in house staging (on Oracle/Powermart), Olympic (AS/400 DB2 servers) and data-warehouse (Oracle/Powercentre).

Ensuring that the price, holdings, portfolio, employee security information data feeds, from various sources are correct and available in a timely manner.

Supported culmination of rollout of new German environment which was a large 2 year project; the delivery of the systems in a timely fashion was critical in success go-live.

Reviewing overnight batch flow in order to gain time in processing.

Documentation for future support. (During last 2 months on project).

Supported various data cleaning scripts, shell and Perl scripts on Unix and Perl scripts on NT for batch generation/control.

Provided batch analysis charts by using and adapting Perl script which generated output in Microsoft Project.

November 2001 – November 2002 (Contract as continuation)

Interface Developer - Merrill Lynch Investment Managers – London, UK

Interfaces team

Having worked closely with the team prior to this, on feeds into Trades, I was asked to join.

The development work for a set of ETL feeds using Powermart into Sybase ASE servers, scheduled by Autosys. This time is for the development and maintenance for the burn-in period. Also I worked on a major overhaul of the existing feeds written using C++/Open Client programs (this spanned my time from the Support Team). I continued some of the previous support duties including data feeds and Autosys.

August 1998 – November 2001 (Contract)

Application Support Analyst - Merrill Lynch Investment Managers – London, UK

Supporting the nightly feeds into the Trades, Management information System and Client Information System databases (on Sybase servers). Ensuring that the price, holdings, portfolio, employee security information data feeds, from the broker are correct and available to SLA.

Conversion of feeds for Trades environment job schedule to Autosys.

Design a new schedule for Trades environment in Far East, converting from mainframe scheduling to Autosys on Sybase server.

Creating tools to monitor progress of schedule.

Monitoring and reporting on trends of the schedules and projecting times when SLA times would be breached.

Putting in place monitoring scripts in Perl to detect any changes to scripts which have not gone through release management.

Mentoring the Graduate Trainees.

May 1996 – August 1998 (Perm)

SBC Warburg Dillon Read – London, UK

SwisKey Support Analyst

Supporting and then developing feeds in Perl for SwisKey Futures - a Sybase System 11 based database with originally a NeXT UNIX front end and then also an NT based application. Ensuring that the Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) portfolio data feeds from the core processing system (Rolfe & Nolan) in a correct and timely manner. Replaced data feeds in sybPerl.

January 1993 – May 1996 IBM PC User Group (Perm)

Systems manager

Maintaining an Internet e-mail (RFC822/821) and Usenet (NNTP) news gateway, security and software on the Group's UNIX machines, running the bulletin board and WWW (HTTP/‟0.9”) service, and DNS.

Wrote POP3 server in C to serve mail from the UUCP mail queues.